The Church of Holy Spirit in Zehra

on Friday, 30 January 2015.

The Church of Holy Spirit in Zehra

In the ancient early gothic Church of Holy Spirit built in 1275 with late building adjustments the visitors can find valuable gothic frescos from five periods of time. The oldest ones are from 13th century, the youngest frescos date back to 15th century. It was enrolled on UNESCO world´s cultural and natural heritage list in 1993. There are two well-preserved styles until the present time on the architecture of the oldest part of the double-aisled church with squared chancel. The church is a sensitive harmonisation of Romanesque and early gothic construction features. The vault of the nave is younger, built in 1433. A baroque bulbous canopy of the church tower that put the finishing touches to its unrepeatable silhouette was completed in 1769. Unique medieval wall paintings that were created from the second half of 13th century up to the end of the 15th century are well-preserved in the interior of the church. There are also many gothic sculptures from 15th century and stone baptismal font from 13th century.

Opening hours: entry on the grounds of phone order with Mrs. Orlovska +421 (0)53/4485027

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Adults: 1,70€

Retired people and students: 1,00€


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