Štefan Cisko

on Wednesday, 30 July 2014.

(born 28/12/1898 in Spisske Podhradie – died 08/12/1980 in Spisske Podhradie)

Young Stefan Cisko attended today´s J. Francisci-Rimavsky´s grammar school in Levoca. Then he continued studying at Teaching Institute in the Spis Chapter House that was very significant at that time. He finished his studies in 1919 and became director of People´s School in the village of Nemesany as a young teacher. He was famous for his intelligence and active help to people in need. Apart from pedagogical activities he devoted his time to study local history. Regularly, he was publishing articles in the newspaper called Spisske Hlasy and Vychodoslovenske Noviny. As a citizen of Spisske Podhradie he wanted to leave traces of the history of the town for the future generations. He wanted to establish national geography group. The intention was successful and the teachers and enthusiasts started collecting and concentrating monuments regarding the history of Spisske Podhradie into the building of evangelic vicarage in the Pales Square. This is how the room including homeland artefacts was created. The great amount of exhibits proved that the citizens understood the meaning of the room. The local museum was given more than 900 artefacts to show.

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