František Hutyra

on Wednesday, 30 July 2014.

(born 07/10/1860 in Spisske Podhradie – died 20/12/1934 in Budapest)

He was an extraordinary student who studied at the grammar school in the towns of Klastor pod Znievom, Eger and Levoca. Hutyra studied veterinary medicine at the university in Budapest. Then he studied in Vienna, Berlin, Paris and Munich. As a member of Hungarian Academy of Sciences, he lectured pathological anatomy, hygiene of flesh and forensic medicine and dealt with the research of contagious diseases of domestic animals. Hutyra found out what is the cause of plague of pigs. He is an author of an important piece of work about the pathology and the therapy of domestic animals. It was published in eight languages. He was instrumental in modernisation of veterinary administration in Hungary and that is why he was promoted to the rank of nobility.

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