The Grey Beard) - National Nature Reserve

on Wednesday, 30 July 2014.

The Grey Beard) - National Nature Reserve

It is attractive for the contemporary activity of its four mineral springs. Travertine is being coagulated of these springs. The diameter of a travertine mound base is approximately 500 m, the relative height is 25 m. Yellow-brown sediments, the lower part of the mound, are the oldest geographical structures of Siva Brada. The upper part is light grey and it is younger. A little lake, approximately 5 m wide and 20-30 cm deep, is situated on a top of the travertine mound and we can see permanent eruptions of CO2 and H2S through its water. A protective travertine mound was created in circumference of the lake. A well was made on a roof of the mound. In the past, water, in form of a geyser with 5-6 hours interval eruptions and ground water discharge duration 1-2 hours and height of eruption 3-5 m, arose from this well.

It is suitable for ecotourism, educational tourism, and hiking.


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