The male singing group KORČAŠKARE

on Tuesday, 19 April 2016.

The male singing group KORČAŠKARE

Korčaškare incurred by 28 December 2006 as a priority, male singing group Accordion accompaniment. The village Jablonov until then had historically preserved folk traditions, and thus act to establish a folklore group was an important milestone in the modern history of the village folklore and culture in general. The current number of active members is 11 singers and 2 accordionist. The basic repertoire of songs based on which they prespievali older inhabitants of the village. Another source are witnesses of forgotten songs from nearby Spiš region. Repertoire for several years of the group gradually expanded. Singers were improved and Korčaškare currently have a wide range of songs with themes describing the different situations of life of our ancestors (wedding, humor, military, and of course about women). Group name has historical roots since time immemorial inhabitants of Jablonova called "korčaškare" (korčašek - thus opening a small pocket knife). The emergence singing group in the village had a few years of a synergistic effect, since in addition to the male group was gradually formed and female, respectively girl group called Jablonec. It equally complements the variety of voices and diversity of songs in joint appearances in the village and beyond. Inspired to action they were also local primary school children and help school leaders established a children's singing group Korčašek. Today Korčaškare represent the community and the region in various folkloric performances, regional preliminary contests, folklore and festivals, not only at home but also abroad.

Source: The Wonderful World of tradition MAS LEV

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