Folklore music ORDZOVIANKA

on Tuesday, 19 April 2016.

Folklore music ORDZOVIANKA

The picturesque village Ordzovany flying under Spiš Castle was founded in 1929 by brass band "Ordzovenská bunch," as it was called at that time, local women, as well as other inhabitants of the village and its surroundings. Performing DH was aimed at religious events, forgive Kermes, Primic and various public appearances. After 1961 he came under the patronage of the local agricultural cooperative Single Studenec, which has seen the biggest boom and popularity. Was purchased new musical instruments, costumes, uniforms and sheet music. In that period, which lasted until 1992, it was a regular performers Ordzovianka body at agricultural fairs Agrokomplex Nitra. He did not lack for any public celebrations, cultural events, meetings, balls, rag. The maximum number of members at that time approached the number 40 Contemporary Brass band Ordzovianka continues the tradition of its older predecessor in the number of performers from 14 to 18 players. In May 2014 celebrates its 85th anniversary. Art director and bandmaster is also Ing. Andrej Kočiš, chaired by Jozef Brník and the classical 12-member cast sing PaedDr. Bozena Švábová, Bibiána Glevický and Ondrej Baca.

Source: The Wonderful World of tradition MAS LEV

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