Folklore music BIJACOVCANKA

on Tuesday, 19 April 2016.

Folklore music BIJACOVCANKA

Bijacovčanka brass band was formed as an offshoot of the area long known and popular brass band from neighboring Ordzoviany. Gradually, they began to play in Ordzovianke and musicians from Bijacoviec who in 1981 founded his own brass music called Bijacovčanka. Further participants were assigned musical instruments, started with regular drills and were also the first performance. During the years 1981-1983 were added to DH singer. Both brass band, Ordzovianka Bijacovčanka and still they performed together for more demanding music events under the patronage of former agricultural cooperative new file in Studenci. Breakthrough year was the year 1984. Due to the then leadership of the village were purchased new musical instruments were recruited additional members and Bijacovčanka started to operate completely separately. On hundreds could be counted various cultural, social, religious and other events that accompanied during its 30 years of operation. Its repertoire spríjemňovala life in the village and beyond, at the dance, Veselic and meetings, bolstered by important religious ceremonies and Masses, consider encouraging inhabitants to participate in various social, sporting and other events, renewed and maintained ancient local traditions. Artistic and musical level of the musicians maintain regular drills and participation at various events in the region. The most important event in the history of the existence of DH was to organize tours of folk songs performed by the brass band in 1995. The spectacular and attractive action took place in a beautiful and attractive environment Bijacovského mansion as zero grade called "Bijacovská flapper" with the participation of 8 Brass Band. At present, the brass band Bijacovčanka 22 members and is chaired by Michal Zajac.

Source: The Wonderful World of tradition MAS LEV

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