Folk music BRANISKO

on Tuesday, 19 April 2016.

Folk music BRANISKO

The impetus for the development of folk music Branisko became the idea of young teachers in art school Spišské Podhradie, encourage in children a positive attitude to folklore. The main initiator and founder was and still is Nicholas Demočko which already throughout childhood participated in various folklore ensembles. ĽH Branisko officially came into existence since September 2005, when the celebrations of St. Hubert in Bijacovce made her baptism. Godfather was then mayor Spišské Podhradie Ing. Francis Slebodník posthumously. The first tool grouping consisted of the first violin - Janečková R., R. Iľaš, 2.violin - Šulíková K., A. Lower, accordion - M. Demočko, bass - s. Genčúr and lead vocals - M. Sakmár. Folk music during Branisko they act accompanied many singers not only at folklore festivals, but also in various competitions, such as the Nightingale of Slovakia. One of them is the Victoria Juriková, which won several awards. Folk music itself took part in competition of folk ensembles in Giraltovce and many cultural events for files, such as Spišské folk festival, Goral day Dúbravské pies and more. ĽH Branisko its focus is mainly on the city Spišské Podhradie, but presented also abroad, particularly in Poland and Russia.

Source: The Wonderful World of tradition MAS LEV

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