Female singing group JABLONECKA

on Tuesday, 19 April 2016.

Female singing group JABLONECKA

Girls and women from Jablonov the longer time toyed with the idea of creating a community in addition to men's and children's folklore group and a female component. Finally, in September 2013 established women's singing group Jablonecká, which aims to preserve, develop and present traditions not only of the village Jablonov itself, but also of Spis and Saris. Currently, a group of work in progress and is formed as a number, and the repertoire. JABLONECKÁ currently has five female singers, is a leading Kožušková Lucia and the accordion accompanied by Mr Thomas Vojtánek. Their action is short, it can not therefore speak of success, even if they consider themselves a success the very existence of the group. Performance that attended were still only at home - municipal land, which have been presented to Katarinská afternoon and Carnival butcher block songs from Saris - "Pijacke" and "love affairs". They are expanding its repertoire of Čepeň, trávnice and they're going to create a block Ruthenian songs. One of the priorities is to enrich a group of Jablonovský costume, while drawing inspiration from old photographs preserved in the municipal chronicles. Their goal is to inspire young people to love and respect for folk songs and reach so that young people and children were not ashamed for their dialect, customs and culture and particularly not for folk song. Great support in shaping this effort feel by their families, friends and residents of the village, so much effort to increase cooperation with the male singing group Korčaškare that the village has been operating for several years and children's singing group Korčašek. JABLONECKÁ is committed to giving the song's heart and soul, because that song raises people from falls and delight in their anxiety is part of normal life and therefore deserves to be spread further.

Source: The Wonderful World of tradition MAS LEV

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