Majáles (A rag) - 30th of April 2016

The opening of the summer tourist season in Spišské Podhradí traditionally begins rag in the park culture. The main attraction is cooking "Podracký" goulash. After the competition followed by a cultural program of local folk groups. On his coming to the children for which they are prepared various competitions, inflatable giraffe, horse riding and other attractions.

Spis Jerusalem 20th - 22th of May 2016

Spis Jerusalem 20th - 22th of May 2016

It is one of the key events with a long-term character of a Terra Incognita program. The town of Spisske Podhradie contributes to this event with human resources, technical equipment and cultural program. Professional and amateur artists can present themselves there. The program focuses on spiritual values that relate to the certain environment. The town is up to keep the event permanent with a rich cultural-spiritual inclination to domestic and foreign visitors.


The symbolic places of the “Spis Jerusalem” in the Spis Chapter House, Pazica and Siva Brada are in the area of a world cultural heritage of UNESCO. This historical place of pilgrimage, with the Spis Castle standing behind, is situated along the former very important medieval route Via magma, nowadays on a touristic way of a Gothic route. “Spis Jerusalem” starts with St. Martin´s Cathedral in the Spis Chapter House and ends with the Chapel of a St. Cross at Siva Brada. The layout of the chapels at Pazica is the same as the layout of places where Christ spent his last days in Jerusalem (scale of 1:1). The complete configuration of a terrain, travertine rocks, chapels, God´s tortures and even prevailing pine trees are dignifying natural scope of “Spis Jerusalem” evoking the nature of Palestine and Israel. The planimetry of “Spis Jerusalem” is topical if we rotate the map of medieval Jerusalem 90 degrees anticlockwise and compare to the map of “Spis Jerusalem”.

Festival of wine and honey/VIA REGIA 18th - 19th of June 2016

The festival is organized regularly in the European house in Spišská Kapitula. The festival program is focused on selling honey products, bee products, beekeeping equipment, bee products slide from the cosmetics field, as well as the sale of wine products from grapes, cheese and much more. You can also listen to expert presentations. During the event the climb of folklore groups not only from the surrounding area but also from abroad.

Tour cultural activities "wings of desire" 24th of June 2016

Tour cultural activities

Regularly in June a day before Spiš folk festival is organized Tour cultural activities "wings of desire" recipients of social services. Visitors can ride a horse, have a shape to paint a picture of something or to buy a souvenir from the workshop beneficiaries.

Spis Folklore Festival in Salas 25th - 26th of June 2016

Spis Folklore Festival in Salas 25th - 26th of June 2016

Spis Folklore Festival is one the most important folklore event held in Slovakia. It is a top event in the field of a folk culture and other spiritual and material creations of a folk art in the Middle and Lower Spis. In 2014, a forty-second annual event was held. The festival is an opportunity to present various folkloric activities of the region with a high number of participants. It is aimed to bring out important folkloric groups and individuals from Slovakia and the other foreign countries, to offer a valuable artistic program to the audience, to enable social meetings, to provide an entertainment and a pleasant relax. Traditional craft market, dance school, skill competitions, folklore entertainment, tasting of a typical Spis food, sight-seeing ride on a traditional folkloric wagon and horse ridings are all parts of a festival.

UNESCO CUP 30th - 31th of July 2016

Already a regular at the turn of July and August encounter lovers of sport and nature in Spišský Castle in the UNESCO Cup events. Contestants can measure forces in volleyball and football. Place in a pleasant park culture in Spišské Podhradie. Visitors can enjoy the rich accompanying program, games for children and live music.

The Touristic march of the village of Dubrava – Rajtopiky and Dubrava pie 27th - 28th of August 2016

The traditional touristic march from the village of Dubrava to the National Nature Reserve Rajtopiky at Branisko takes place in Dubrava every year between August and September. In 2014 it held 18th annual event. Next day the best cooks met and cooked the traditional Spis food. In 2014 it held 12th annual event. The visitors could enjoy rich cultural program (folk groups from nearby surrounding villages that present our traditional culture) and various competitions for children and adults. 

International music festival PONTES 28th of August 2016

Every year in late summer in the Convent of Merciful Brothers, an International Music Festival PONTES. This is a classical music concert.

Spisske Podhradie markets second of September 2016

A rich cultural program, contests for kids, souvenirs, honey etc. All this can be found by visiting Podhradske markets.

20th Peaceful kilometers around the Spiš Castle, 4th of September 2016

The traditional, with more than thirty years of tradition can be included sporting event Peace 20 kilometers around the Spiš Castle. Competition in several age categories, from the youngest to seniors. Start the goal is to sell the municipality of Spišské Podhradie. The route in the main category runs through the village Studenec, Ordzovany, Bijacovce, Beharovce, Granč - Petrovce, Zehra and town district Spišske Vlachy - Dobra Vola. A major attraction for competitors is a premium for record breaking event worth € 300.

St. Hubert´s Day in the village of Bijacovce 10th of September 2016

St. Hubert´s Day in the village of Bijacovce  10th of September 2016

Every year in September the village of Bijacovce holds an event to contribute the patron of huntsmen – St. Hubert. The event is aimed to thank for material and other welfares that were entrusted to the people through animate and inanimate nature. Moreover, the St. Hubert´s Day has a great cultural-social importance because it keeps, enhances and promotes further hunting habits and ceremonies. It creates pleasurable atmosphere for different competitions, the development of folk crafts, business, agrotourism and another cultural, social and sport activities for citizens and all visitors. Last but not least it is an expression of gratitude for those who care for our mountains, fauna and plant kingdom.

International music festival MUSICA NOBILIS

International music festival MUSICA NOBILIS

The most significant cultural events include the International music festival Musica Nobilis. In addition Spišské Podhradie is held in Poprad, Kežmarok, Markušovce, Smižany, Spišské Vlachy and Ves, playing host to leading Slovak artists, chamber and choral ensemble. Concert of masters of different periods and styles will be heard in the Romanesque-Gothic  St. Martin Cathedral in the Spišská Kapitula.

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