Stanislav Jansčák

on Tuesday, 19 April 2016.

Stanislav Jansčnák, Levoča living in a village Ordzovany for their artistic expression chosen painting on wood. About his painting he does not say how the art boom, rather consider it naive art. It comes from a family where all artistic sensibilities. His three nieces are dedicated to painting various techniques and lead to even their children. Formation closest to him not Ogurčáková niece Marianna, which is also dedicated to painting on wood, so they are each other advisors and critics. Stano also paints on canvas, wood but nevertheless it is closest and even more accessible. Also he painted his grandfather. He did landscapes, characters in costumes, portraits, floral still life. On his grandson he was proud, and as a child he supported the painting and Sciences. At the time, he used a classic watercolors, pastel and carbon. Today he paints acrylic paints, but I would try for oil. Painting fills him and makes him happy. At some images spends more time in another less time. Each piece of art is therefore difficult Lucia. But then there is a new inspiration and he can not wait to turn your idea begins to revive. In his own words, every art, even a naive, has to do with love.

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