Mária Kočišová

on Tuesday, 19 April 2016.

Mária Kočišová comes from the village Bijacovce. For dressmakers profession owes the now pathetic doing mommy. Craft that was apprenticed, used in his hobby, making the beautiful costumed dolls that do not couple in the neighborhood. She started sewing folk costumes for their children as well as adults, but since it is still inspired and decided to sew them to the doll. Themes looking at folk culture to which it is very close and with her husband playing in the local brass band Bijacovčanka. Costumed dolls is dedicated since 2006, and although it is already retired, still inclined to create something new it does not leave. Always happy gathering for sewing machines and so fulfill the dream of his youth. It presents the various prestigious cultural events and craft markets across the country. Her work is part of the permanent exhibition in the room of folk culture in Bijacovce.

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