David Maliňak

on Tuesday, 19 April 2016.

In high school I studied the department of design and shaping wood. After high school I started studying physical education at the University of Prešov. Arts, I have been paying, and I started to play professional football. After the offer to play football league 2 I stayed study and devoted to football only.

During one of the football matches I have very seriously injured, which withdrew my evolving promising football career. During convalescence, when I could not walk and I had a lot of free time, I again returned to sculpting.

At first I sculpted just simple things. Gradually, I try new designs and I Spišský castle carved by photographs. Since it was similar to the original and people really liked, I have focused on carving paintings by photos. I created a Facebook page in the photo into the wood.

Customers sent me a photo and I love her as real as possible transferred into a timber. Photography can contain anything from a car through the animals to portraits of people. The result is an image that is unique work of art and a monument to life. My aim is to create works that will become a family legacy, and will be passed on from generation to generation.

In these works, in which you I put a piece of his soul, heart, talent, and self, I found the meaning of their lives. The creation of works brings me joy and possibility of implementation. Loyal companion, a friend who for me and my work is supervised my dog Timmy.

For more information: http://zfotkydodreva.com/  , https://www.facebook.com/zfotkydodreva?fref=ts 

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