David Maliňak

In high school I studied the department of design and shaping wood. After high school I started studying physical education at the University of Prešov. Arts, I have been paying, and I started to play professional football. After the offer to play football league 2 I stayed study and devoted to football only.

During one of the football matches I have very seriously injured, which withdrew my evolving promising football career. During convalescence, when I could not walk and I had a lot of free time, I again returned to sculpting.

At first I sculpted just simple things. Gradually, I try new designs and I Spišský castle carved by photographs. Since it was similar to the original and people really liked, I have focused on carving paintings by photos. I created a Facebook page in the photo into the wood.

Customers sent me a photo and I love her as real as possible transferred into a timber. Photography can contain anything from a car through the animals to portraits of people. The result is an image that is unique work of art and a monument to life. My aim is to create works that will become a family legacy, and will be passed on from generation to generation.

In these works, in which you I put a piece of his soul, heart, talent, and self, I found the meaning of their lives. The creation of works brings me joy and possibility of implementation. Loyal companion, a friend who for me and my work is supervised my dog Timmy.

For more information: http://zfotkydodreva.com/  , https://www.facebook.com/zfotkydodreva?fref=ts 

Marek Mišaga

Marek Mišaga

Marek Misaga comes from the village Jablonov, lying in Spišské Podhradie. It deals with the creation of hunting accessories in the form of carvings into antlers. He is a student at the Technical University in Zvolen. In his spare time he likes hunting engraving neckties, jewelry making hunting clubs and woodcarvings. It uses antlers - Daniel, deer and various other natural materials. When woodcut prefers hardwood for its firmer texture, but they do not avoid soft Lipe. Working for him is a pleasant leisure time, which can take full advantage of their ideas. Often he regarded as a small nature, which became his second home. There he first find inspiration to live unrepeatable experiences and images that today shows the world in the form of his art. I am very pleased if someone praising his creations, and it's him great satisfaction and encouragement. In his creative work he actively complements girlfriend Adriána Hudáčová which equally enchanted working with unusual materials.

Mária Kočišová

Mária Kočišová comes from the village Bijacovce. For dressmakers profession owes the now pathetic doing mommy. Craft that was apprenticed, used in his hobby, making the beautiful costumed dolls that do not couple in the neighborhood. She started sewing folk costumes for their children as well as adults, but since it is still inspired and decided to sew them to the doll. Themes looking at folk culture to which it is very close and with her husband playing in the local brass band Bijacovčanka. Costumed dolls is dedicated since 2006, and although it is already retired, still inclined to create something new it does not leave. Always happy gathering for sewing machines and so fulfill the dream of his youth. It presents the various prestigious cultural events and craft markets across the country. Her work is part of the permanent exhibition in the room of folk culture in Bijacovce.

Stanislav Jansčák

Stanislav Jansčnák, Levoča living in a village Ordzovany for their artistic expression chosen painting on wood. About his painting he does not say how the art boom, rather consider it naive art. It comes from a family where all artistic sensibilities. His three nieces are dedicated to painting various techniques and lead to even their children. Formation closest to him not Ogurčáková niece Marianna, which is also dedicated to painting on wood, so they are each other advisors and critics. Stano also paints on canvas, wood but nevertheless it is closest and even more accessible. Also he painted his grandfather. He did landscapes, characters in costumes, portraits, floral still life. On his grandson he was proud, and as a child he supported the painting and Sciences. At the time, he used a classic watercolors, pastel and carbon. Today he paints acrylic paints, but I would try for oil. Painting fills him and makes him happy. At some images spends more time in another less time. Each piece of art is therefore difficult Lucia. But then there is a new inspiration and he can not wait to turn your idea begins to revive. In his own words, every art, even a naive, has to do with love.

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